Accessing Web-based Training

Students may reference this guide when attempting to take web-based PowerSafe courses.

 Step 1: On the home page, click Login to PowerSafe


01_Log in to PowerSafe


Step 2: Select the Log in button below Take Online Training.


02_Log in


Step 3: Fill in your Student Identifier information. Next, enter the username and password provided to you by your company administrator/supervisor.  Please Note: usernames and passwords are not case sensitive.


03_Student Identifier

Step 4: Please select your company’s preferred billing method. Please choose Invoice or Credit Card. You can refer to your administrator/supervisor if you do not know the method of payment. Complete the form after you’ve selected your billing method. Click Log In.


04_Billing Method


Step 5: Confirm the first name and last name fields are correct. Select Yes, this is me; continue to training menu.

Please Note: If the student has not been entered into the system previously, they will be required to enter their social security number along with their first and last name. Select Add new student and continue to training menu. This will add them to the system and allow access to training.


05_Student Confirmation




Step 6: Read the training directions and click the link labeled Click here to view course selection menu


06_Training Directions


Step 7: You are now ready to access training. Find and select a PowerSafe course.


07_Select Training