Cancelling a Registration

Cancelling a training registration can be done by an administrator in the PowerSafe Database. 


Step 1: On the home page, click Login to PowerSafe


01_Log in to PowerSafe


Step 2: Select the Log in button below Access the Database.


02_Log in



Step 3: Enter your company business account username and password and select Log in.


03_Company Username and Password


Step 4: You are now on the home screen of the database. In the navigation, select Training, and then Cancellations.


04_Cancellation in Nav


Step 5: Select a search method for your employee registrations using the radio buttons on the left hand side. Click Search. You will see the scheduled registrations below. To cancel the registration, click the pencil icon on the left of the registration.


05_Find the registration


 Step 6: Choose Cancel Registration in the dialogue box. Click Select.


06_Cancel the registration


Step 7: Confirm that you wish to cancel the registration by selecting the Yes, Cancel this registration button.




A dialogue box will appear confirming the cancellation.


08_Cancellation Confirmation