Ordering Duplicate Cards

Duplicate PowerSafe cards are available for $10.00 if an employee’s card is lost or stolen.


Step 1: On the home page, click Login to PowerSafe


01_Log in to PowerSafe


Step 2: Select the Log in button below Access the Database.


02_Log in


Step 3: Enter your company business account username and password and select Log in.


03_Company Username and Password


 Step 4: In the navigation, select Training and then Registration.


04_Training - Registration in navigation


 Step 5: Enter a student identifier, which can be any of the following, and click Submit:

- Social Security Number (no spaces or dashes)
- Alliance Safety Council student badge barcode (10 digits)
- Alliance Safety Council unique student ID or badge ID
- Email Address (if previously added to the Alliance Safety Council system)
- Last four digits of Social Security Number
- First three letters of last name plus last four digits of Social Security Number (no spaces)


05_Training - Student Identifier




Step 6: Please choose a payment method for the course. You can choose Invoice, Pay at door, or Credit Card. Click Submit.


06_Payment Method


Step 7: In the drop down for training site, select Alliance Safety Council – Baton Rouge. In the drop down for training course, select PowerSafe Duplicate Card (12DPS). Select a date and time for the course; these do not matter in this instance.


07_Selecting Course


Step 8: Click Submit. Once you have submitted your request, the PowerSafe team will print a duplicate card and mail it to the corresponding company’s address. Please allow 2 weeks for the duplicate card to arrive.