Printing Receipts

Administrators have the ability to print receipts for any training completed by their employees.


Step 1: On the home page, click Log in to PowerSafe


01_Log in to PowerSafe


Step 2: Select the Log in button below Access the Database.


02_Log in


Step 3: Enter your company business account username and password and select Log in. If you do not have a login please refer to the Creating a Login tutorial.


03_Company Username and Password


Step 4: You are now on the home screen of the database. Find Training in the top navigation and select Receipts from the drop down menu.


04_Navigation to Receipts



Step 5: Choose the date range and click Generate Report. This will bring up any transactions completed by your employees during this specified time.


05_Generate Report


Step 6: Find the specific employee/course you are searching for. Click the printer icon to the far left of the row. This will bring up a separate window with the receipt. You can print or email the receipt from this window.


06_Printer Icon