PowerSafe Calpine Lockout/Tagout Orientation
Course Information
Calpine's Lockout/Tagout Orientation was developed for contractors who will be involved in lockout/tagout operations at any Calpine site.

During the course, trainees will learn about:

  • Calpine’s Lockout/Tagout Procedure
    • Levels of LOTO Training
    • Types of Energy Sources
    • Equipment Isolation
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Training
    • Tag Requirements
  • Special Circumstances
    • Modification of Energy Isolation Points
    • Abandoned Personal Locks
    • Shift or Personnel Changes
Web-Based Training
Registration $7.00 member/non-member
Facilities offering computer training
Registration $14.00 member/non-member
Facilities offering classroom instruction
  Not available for classroom instruction.
Course Details
Course Code: 12CPLTO
Course Length: 30 mins.
Course Expiration: 1 Year from Class Date
Passing Score Required: 80