PowerSafe Entergy T&D Protection System Commissioning and Testing
Course Information
PowerSafe T&D Protection System Commissioning and Testing covers the following topics:
  • Maintenance Alteration Log (MAL) Process
  • Maintenance and Construction Work Isolation Boundary Alteration Log (MIBAL) Process
  • Substation Work Instruction Processes
  • In-Service Abnormal Protection Systems
  • Cyber Security – IT Change Management
  • Commissioning and Testing
  • Modifying Existing Protection Systems
  • Returning Equipment to Service
  • Submitting Commissioning and Testing Documentation
  • Other Configuration Management Processes
Web-Based Training
Registration $14.00 member/non-member
Facilities offering computer training
Registration $14.00 member/non-member
Facilities offering classroom instruction
  Not available for classroom instruction.
Course Details
Course Code: 12ENTCOM
Course Length: 45 mins.
Course Expiration: 1 Year from Class Date
Passing Score Required: 80