Registering for Proctored Courses

These instructions are to be followed if an employee is taking proctored PowerSafe training. This is mainly handled by administrators, who will schedule their students.

Step 1: Deciding on a location to take training

To begin this process, it is necessary to determine where you will be taking your proctored training. Please visit the PowerSafe Locations page and decide on a location to take training. You will see each location labelled as an ARSC facility or a Non-ARSC facility. There are different ways to register for each type of location.

  • ­If you are attempting to register at an ARSC facility to take proctored PowerSafe courses, you must call the ARSC facility to register through them.
  • ­If you are attempting to register at a Non-ARSC facility to take proctored PowerSafe courses, you must call the facility and schedule a date and time for your course. Then you must register online at Please follow the steps below for registering at a Non-ARSC facility.

Step 2: Contact the Non-ARSC PowerSafe training facility to schedule a date and time to take training. Please contact the facility at least 48 hours prior to the desired training date for scheduling purposes.

Step 3: Once the date and time of the course is confirmed with the training facility, you have to log into PowerSafe to register for the course. On the home page of, click LOG IN from the main navigation menu.

Step 4: Select the Log in button under Administrators.

Step 5: Enter your company business account username and password and select Log in.

Step 6: In the navigation, select Training and then Registration.


Step 7: Enter a student identifier, which can be any of the following, and click Submit:

– Social Security Number (no spaces or dashes)
– Alliance Safety Council student badge barcode (10 digits)
– Alliance Safety Council unique student ID or badge ID
– Email Address (if previously added to the Alliance Safety Council system)
– Last four digits of Social Security Number
– First three letters of last name plus last four digits of Social Security Number (no spaces)

Step 8: Please choose a payment method for the course. You can choose Invoice, Pay at door, or Credit Card. Click Submit.

Step 9: In the drop downs, select corresponding training location information, as well as course name, date and time. This is the course date and time that was confirmed with the training facility in Step 1.  Click Submit.

You are now registered for the course.

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