Creating an Account

Step-by-step instructions to create a login. This will create a business account to access the database. Online training requires your company to have a business account. All business accounts go through a manual approval process. Once an administrator submits a request for a business account, it may take up to four (4) business hours before you or your employees can access training.

Step 1: On the home page, click LOG IN TO ACCESS COURSES under PowerSafe logo on the main image.

Step 2: Select the Create Account link seen on the page below.

Step 3: Enter the email address that will be associated with the business account you are creating. You can check the box below to use the email address as your username. If you choose not to, you will be prompted to enter a username on the following screen. Click Next.

Step 4: Create a password that is a minimum of 5 alpha-numeric characters. Our passwords are not case sensitive. We do not suggest using a personal password, as this password will be given to employees of your company to access training. If you opt to use a security question, pick a question from the drop down menu and type an answer in the box below. You can opt out of using a security question by checking the box next to Skip Question/Answer.  When complete, click Next.

Step 5: Complete all fields by entering your administrator’s first and last name, as well as additional company information. Required fields are marked with an asterisk [*]. Please note: The address field should be filled in with your company address, all student badges will be mailed to this address. Select Next.

Step 6: Continue to complete the required fields with company information. Click Next.

Step 7: After reading our terms and conditions, check the box next to I agree to the above Terms and Condition. Click Next.

Follow up emails: You will receive an email confirming that your business account request was submitted. Once the manual approval process for the business account is completed, you will receive a welcome email indicating that your request was approved. Once you receive this approval email, you and your employees can now access training.

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